“The first wealth is health” (*)

The outbreak of a global epidemicCOVID-19 has been negatively affecting community health. People are sufficient for that: Health is the most valuable asset of each person.
Indochine Vina International Trade Promotion Joint Stock Company operates in the main field of connecting trading among foreign bussiness to local enterprises. Our company was not a medical equipments manufacturer as medical face masks, sanitizer and medical nitrile gloves for Corona Virus. However, in the current situation of air pollution, especially medical face masks and medical nitrile gloves are lacking than ever by the global residential.

INDO CARE HEALTH is subsidiary of our group

I gained 06 years of experience working in a medical environment: Vu Anh International Hospital, Vinmec International Hospital,... I had researched and decided to join in the international market with the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Thus, each product is to be cared for as a little child by ISO 14644-1:1999 about cleanrooms and associated controlled environments to comply with the antibacterial index of The Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Besides, Indo Care Medical Face Mask for Corona Virus, INDO Gloves for Corona Virus (Free Powder Nitrile Gloves) and INDO MAX Sanitizer for Corona Virus (65% ethanol) is also appropriate to European standards BS EN 14683:2019 for requirements and test methods to help people who are fighting the urgent Corona Virus fight safely and scientifically as well as secure your dear family.

Our company always puts lightly on the matter of benefit. In other words, Indochine Vina product Medical Face Mask, Sanitizer and Medical Nitrile Gloves for Corona Virus with the name is "Indo Care Medical Face Mask", "INDO Senitizer" and "INDO Gloves" don't make ones for personal purposes to earn money. Indo Care - INDO Max - INDO Gloves Brand is a product of love for people sending favor together. We hope that with the efforts of our company, Indo family's members would resonate and cooperate with individuals, domestic and foreign enterprises.

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(*) Ralph Waldo Emerson