We are INDOCHINE VINA INTERNATIONAL TRADE PROMOTION Co., Ltd, We were established since 2011.  Our main role is connecting Vietnamese businesses to foreign businesses, to conneting Vietnamese exporters and foreign importers through Biz Matching programs. Through it, we connected thousands of Vietnam and foreign entrepreneurs, thousands of opportunities to trade with each other in 7 years ago


    - Matching Vietnamese with foreign business people to develop trade goods and services 
    - One-stop service provider to foreign investors in identifying profitable investment projects and getting them licensed. Providing necessary information on trade and investment direct or on-line 
    - Trouble-shooter and intermediary in solving problems concerning trade and investment in Vietnam by hosting the dialogues – direct and on-line – between businesses and government authorities 
    - Advising the government of policies and measures to improve business environment and enhance competitiveness 
    - Organizing missions from Vietnam to participate in international trade fairs or to survey new markets. 


  - Organizer of annual Vietnam High Quality Goods Fairs around the country and in region 
    - Holding seminar, workshop on focused issue and topics concerning trade with and investment in Vietnam 


- Conducting training course for business on corporate management, integration into the globalized world economy, business regulations and procedures 

- Special programs for overseas Vietnam business people. 

- Assists investors in filing their investment applications if requested

- Supports investors in settling their operational problems during the project implementation period.
We are the local partner to help foreign partners with professionalism and high responsibility